Chantal Regnault is French and has lived between Paris and New York since 1971. After studying literature, she turned definitively to photography when she discovered Haiti in 1979, which became her main place of life and research.

She has been tirelessly photographing Vodou for 25 years and has exhibited in France, the United States, London and Haiti. Among her exhibitions on Haiti: Vodou (Abbaye de Daoulas Cultural Center, France, 2003), Women of Haiti (Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London, 2002), Peasant Women of Haiti (National Museum, Port-au-Prince, 1998), Imaging Vodou's Spiritual Cargo (William Benton Museum of Art, University of Connecticut), Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou (UCLA, Fowler Museum, Miami, New York, New Orleans), Haiti (October Gallery, London, 1995), Haiti, Body and Spirit, La Maison Française, New York University, 1993), The Flesh of Politics/ The Spirit of Vodou (Atrium Gallery, University of Connecticut; Medgar Evers School, Brooklyn, New York; Diggs Gallery, Winston-Salem State University, North Carolina, 1992-1991) etc.


Photographer and journalist, Chantal Regnault has published her photos in numerous newspapers and magazines: The New York Times, The Village Voice, Libération. She has participated in the preparation and production of several films, including Haiti: The End of Chimeras? (2004) by Charles Najman, In the Mirror of Maya Deren (2002) by Martina Kudlàcek. In 2011, Soul Jazz Records released Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989-92, featuring her photographic work from that period.
She co-directed with Haitian Rachèle Magloire Deported (Expulsés) (2012, documentary, 72mins), which won the Human Rights Award and the Best Documentary Award at the 2013 Vues d'Afrique festival.