Dominique Fiat is a gallerist in Paris le Marais and develops all kinds of artistic projects in various mediums .

A transdisciplinary view has allowed the discovery of young talents from the beginning as Camille Henrot or Hicham Berrada with multiple forms of expression.

She was the first to exhibit in Paris the Californian artists of the Light & Space movement Peter Alexander, Laddie J. Dill, Fred Eversley, Helen Pashgian.

By taking an interest of extra-western scene and particularly from Africa and MENASA, Sue Williamson and Anita Dube have been exhibited at the gallery simultaneously with the Centre Pompidou. Anita Dube was also a brilliant curator of Kochi-Muziris Biennale in 2018-19.

In 2017 Dominique Fiat initiated and organized at the Grande Halle de la Villette "Afriques Capitales", an exhibition of the contemporary African art scene of about fifty artists,- from William Kentridge to Leila Alaoui- coupled with a festival of music, dance and performance.

From the partnership established with the Fondation Vuitton was born what everyone called the "African Spring" in Paris.

Today, Dominique Fiat affirms more than ever, through the defense of committed artists, its interest for links between Africa, Asia Minor with the Mediterranean Sea  and any subject related to it, by privileging the opening and the dialogues in order to avoid any notion of confinement or ghettoization.