22 FEBRUARY 2023 - 26 FEBRUARY 2023


El Mediterraneo, un mar redondo, commissaire Marina Fokidis


Safaa Erruas is a multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on the complexity and the ongoing tension between sensation, perception and experience to explore universal human themes such as hope, community and connection.

Her artwork is dictated by the color white against which soft materials and sharp objects clash in a nod to the si- lent, open wounds that we carry deep within and spark a powerful consciousness of the body be it present or ab- sent, whole, pain-racked or landless. Since 2020 the artist interrogates different facets of what is an essential element of life and how rapid changes to the environment are experienced by society.

She considers her art as a personal journey of interpretation and understanding, a quest through which she hopes to grasp the world and society in which she operates in. Artist’s works are exhibited in public and private institutions of Morocco (Royal Museum Rabat, MACAAL), France (IMA, Vassivière, les Abattoirs), Spain (Reina Sofia), UAE- Dubaï, Oman- USA (Smithsonian), Egypt, Belgium, Sweden and biennials of Cuba, Morocco, Dakar, among other countries.


« It is around the question of belonging to a geography that I began to work on these last works, and beyond a geography, belonging to the planet earth, and the obsession of the human being to go towards other planets. In a situation of unprecedented health crisis, this question has become obsessive for me, between the need to be somewhere and the need to be everywhere.
The fragmented, torn, redrawn maps... represent this state of fractures, tears, and even dread of what is happening on our planet and which we are all human beings facing. Drawing, cutting, perforating, sewing and stitching are all practices that allow me to highlight the voids, the ruptures and the distances but also some connections and a discrete presence of the precious and sublime. »

Known for her white monochrome works that symbolize all the co- lors in one, her work is singular and renewed by keeping a unity of language by the materials used, illustrating some paradoxes of our contemporary societies. Metallic wires, needles and blades pierce flexible materials, various types of paper. There are so many signals that oppose and unite to express a powerful and fine statement at the same time.


RESUGERENCIAS is part of this reflection that conveys some realities related to man’s existence and sense of belonging on one hand, and to the meaning of home and borders on the other. It speaks about the fragility and uncertainty of displacement to strange physical or mental spaces.»