Graduated from the Beaux Arts of Aix en Provence, Roxane Daumas lives and works today in Marseille.
A multidisciplinary artist, she enjoys using different mediums, from photography to painting through installation.

Attentive to the curiosities that take place in our society, the artist applies herself to underline the contrasts and inconsistencies of contemporary mutations and thus questions the territories in transition. Urban and industrial sites, public places, standardized and normalized architectures are some of her recurring preoccupations.
These subjects, by their setting in situation, raise questions relating to the condition of the individual within these spaces, but also to the policies of development of the territory, to the flows of communication, to the networks and to the metamorphosis of urban spaces.

Co-founder of the space
" Closed on Monday - Photographic Space ", Roxane Daumas develops in parallel since 2015
at Jardin Rouge, the artistic residence of the Montresso Foundation* in Marrakech, the project "Unfinished Architectures".