25 MAY - 15 JULY 2023

25 May - 17 June 2023 / Opening 25 May 6 - 9 pm

Prolongation 30 June - 15 July 2023

Born in 1991 in Ukraine and arrived in France in 2015, Taisiia Cherkasova left behind a family, friends and a peaceful country.
She then moved to Paris, where, in 2022, she joined the POUSH residence in Aubervilliers. She develops a multidisciplinary practice mixing oil painting, acrylic ink, wood, wax, ceramics, leather, textiles and personal clothing.

Caught up emotionally by the war suffered by her native country, she wanted with Born to be wild to share with us the Ukraine that she has kept in memory and her country in full upheaval despite itself.

Like an invitation to take the road back with her, the artist reconnects with her origins and keeps the integrity of her belonging to her country on fire. The image that anchors him in the past becomes a remedy against suffering. The life that is frozen in the fabric of his personal affairs and in the images of his daily life takes on a new existence in his paintings.

Between misty paths, scenes of everyday life, portraits and family stories, Taisiia Cherkasova delivers intimate memories that tend to become universal.
As if to raise awareness of the horror, her works also testify to her will to transcend in order to heal from the ordeal of estrangement and thus perpetuate the memory of her roots.

... Sometimes a bad dream takes us to a country where everything oppresses us, holds us back and suffocates us, because it goes back to the time of our youth and is therefore too old for us, outdated, anachronistic: such a dream about such a country is the worst torment. There is nothing more dreadful than to return to what one has left behind, to those old, juvenile things, long since rejected or resolved... as, for example, the problem of innocence. Happy (...) those who live only in the problems of today, normal, adult, and leave the problems of the past to the old aunts!

Witold Gombrowicz, Ferdydurke, excerpt p.51

conceived and directed by Simon Herbach
as part of his final project at IESA in "Marketing and Distribution of Artworks

Taisiia Cherkasova, Drive me crazy, 2023 encres acryliques, bois 96 x 87 cm